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Suzi's Art captures and celebrates her walk in life, and the changing inspiration all around her. We see reflections of what she loves, where she lives and what calls her, in all of her pieces. Some of Suzi’s work reflects her lighter side too – the fun and experience of living on the beautiful Isle of Wight with its fascinating history and colourful characters. 

Some of her main works come from her passion for the people of Africa and the different Ethnic cultures around the world. She loves to portray the beauty and the sensitivity that defines us as God's handiwork, breaking down the barriers and divisions that society has created.

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Suzi's work spans a considerable range of beautiful pieces. So we have grouped them into four collections

Fine Art Prints

This collection of Suzi’s work captures a range of subjects. The serene beauty and underlying character of people's faces, a modern take on Christian ideas and scenes from the adventures of life.

Most originals are large pieces, either worked in pastel with the subtle use of gold leaf, or vibrant acrylic paints and oils. Plus for 2022 we are adding 'PhotoArt' to the range – a combination of manipulated photo images and original artwork to create some stunning pieces.

For each picture we show a range of sizes and frame styles that we think works well. However, there are an almost limitless range of sizes and styles available, so please contact us to discuss what you would like and we'll design and send you digital mockups to precisely meet your requirements.

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Wonky Doodles

More of the fun side from Suzi, these 'doodles' of Isle of Wight scenes make a great display or a fun gift. Available just mounted or in a variety of frames. 

And as with the fine art, if you wish to discuss with us any particular framing requirements, then please get in contact and we'll happily design something that exactly suits what you're looking for.

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How about one of Suzi's lovely designs printed on a fine organic cotton tee-shirt or hoody? And many of the designs work well with a good logo –  either for fun or an extra bit of impact.

Working with Rapanui on the isle of Wight, we are continually growing our collection of garments for men, women and children. And they're really 'super eco' too. Check them out to find out more.



How about some of Suzi's lovely artwork on a mug or set of high-quality place mats? Check out these ideas for yourself or as great gifts.


Contact Us

86 Church rd. Wootton Bridge. Isle of Wight. PO33 4NH. UK.

+44 (0)7340 137427

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