About Us

Suzi Anderson Art is a team of two – an artist and a businessman. We got together about a year ago with the idea of exploring new ways of bringing Suzi's brilliant art to market. We both live on the Isle of Wight, England – a beautiful place that provides inspiration in abundance. And we are both Christians.

But it's strange times at the moment, so naturally our focus turned to website development and new types of products that we can provide through the power of the internet. We wanted to be ethical too - so no cheap and wasteful goods with poor green credentials. Online 'drop shipping' means things are only ever made when ordered. And garment production had to be truly responsible – organic, and recyclable with good eco credentials.

But please allow us to add a little word of clarity here. Ethical products cost more than mass-produced and bulk-imported goods. When we looked at what we wanted to put Suzi's art on, we realised it had to stand for something – not only the enjoyment from the art itself, but the responsibility for what we were making. We hope you agree that this responsibility is worth the premium cost.

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The Team


Suzi Anderson


Suzi is the creative hub. Her joy for life and her Christian beliefs combine to bring fourth great art. Her skills are incredible – wether it's the rich pastels and gold leaf on one of the large fine art paintings or the detail in her pen and ink work of a wonky doodle – no one can fail to be impressed.

Now it is the start of 2022, Suzi has launched into some new incredible pieces that she is working on. We will be spreading the news about those just as soon as they are finished!

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Steve Elford

business, website design and marketing

Steve is passionate about Suzi's art, about developing the business and bringing great products to an online market. Steve develops the Suzi Anderson Art website and manages the supply chain for the production of our goods. 

On the agenda for 2022 is the buildup of our marketing strength, primarily with social media reach. The products are great so naturally Steve wants to spread the news far and wide.