The sentiment of art

Over this past year we have been busy developing our brand. Building websites and setting up supply chains are a big part of the work, but at the end of the day it always comes back to the art.

In our modern world we are surrounded by imagery. And notice here we are differentiating imagery from art. The imagery of thousands of brand logos, up-beat or cynical tee shirt designs, 'hug a tree' messages – and so-on. These are all designed to meet a fad, play on guilt or get a hollow laugh. And make lots of profit with no concern for eco credentials.

And yet, we all have a desire for proper art. Almost all children do colouring and painting, and build models out of clay. Many kids at school sit art exams. Most of us have pictures and paintings on our walls. Some might be lovely prints of the great masters' works (but some might be nameless images from those 'less than eco' household stores). And then there are all the small local businesses around us that are doing proper creative art in some form, such as jewellery, crafts – even tattoos. But the point now is we have moved back to the creative, back to the feeling that art brings us. A thing of beauty, creativity to marvel at, a strong message or a reminder of faith, hope or lovely times and lovely places. This is feeling – this is sentiment.

As we explore and develop our own creativity, we find that our art takes us to different places. Something like a large print of The African Bride, hanging on a wall, is truly fine art and something very emotional to behold. The Ride the Road hoodie is a lovely (eco friendly) garment with a little bit of real art and a strong connection to the hope of recovery. Suzi's powerful message of faith and freedom with The Cross and Chain has an arresting impact. And simpler gifts, such as Suzi's Isle of Wight coasters still bring artistic pictures of a lovely place.

We hope you like what we are doing.

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