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Building up Suzi Anderson Art is a great adventure. Creating new pieces of art, whether it's a big portrait or a new teeshirt design, is hard work but great fun. And so too are things like developing this website and managing the supply chain (although some would disagree).

But the point is this – we are trying to create something worthwhile, with meaning behind it. Most of our art is based in love, peace and wellbeing. Hopefully to create a sense of connection to what you may think is important – maybe it's the wonderful Isle of Wight, the spirituality of living life to the full, or your faith.

And how we make our products is important too. Our artwork prints and homeware products are made in the UK to the highest standards, and are built to last and look great for many years. And as we all know, the fashion industry has been one of the worst offenders for poor quality and terrible waste. So our garments are produced by teemill, who have incredible eco credentials from sourcing 100% organic cotton, to low-waste printing tech and a fully circular recycling strategy.

So, quite a lot going on and quite a lot to talk about. We will be using blogs to add detail to things you may find interesting or important. Such as more about how garments are recycled or background to new pieces of art that we launch.

Watch this space!

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